Shehroz International


We Design Fabric

Fabric Design is the process of creating and preparing designs for fabric manufacturing. The designs themselves can be painted or drawn, using Adobe Designs and other tools.

We Manufacture

Submit a manufacturer to be featured with a free video and we'll send you a free sample to find our what you need with the best quality and according to your desire.

We Engineer

We manufacture textile, textile products, and apparel, with Best technology, flexibility, sensitivity, and quality to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best.

Our Capabilities

We produce high-quality textile products and apparel, using high-quality sources, top-level management and the latest available technology.

Managing Director: Shehroz Ramzan

How we do it

Shehroz International is textile products, and apparel manufacturing industry that includes establishments that process fiber into fabric and fabric into clothing and other textile products.We are committed to striving aggressively for attaining excellence in all fields of Textile Fabrics and Made-ups activities through using high-quality sources top-level management and the latest available technology.

We believe that success is based upon strictly enforced quality control. Shehroz International believes that the Customer is always right. We care for our customer’s interests, as we understand that in fact Customers are our real Asset

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tons of raw knitted fabric
tons of dyed fabric
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